The first series of workout videos are here and I’m excited to share them with you! Minimum participation is watching the videos and cheering along!

4 Video Pack!

  • 10 Mins of Stretch & Healing

  • 28 Mins of Cardio & Confidence

  • 60 Mins Chair Workout

  • 60 Mins Full Cardio & Strength Dance Party

The videos cost $42 USD. Through Vimeo it is available worldwide in all the currencies for streaming and casting to TVs. Click here to buy!

“The dance moves are easy to understand and can be adjusted to match your comfort level. You could do a high kick or a toe tap and it’s all gravy in FKDP. Bevin serves the moves 'plain rice' and you, the viewer, get to add your own 'special sauce,' which can be pretty fun in the middle of your living room.”

—Maggie McGill, Fatventure Magazine


“Bevin is an absolute powerhouse, and the mix of her bold enthusiasm and professional instruction helped me connect to my body in a way I've never been able to do in public before, even as a thin person. I felt welcomed, celebrated, and comforted while still getting a great workout. Exercise does NOT have to be punishment (and as Bevin says, knees are a non-renewable resource)! If you want to add a jolt of joy and wellness to your life, I cannot recommend FKDP highly enough.”

Chrissy Tolley