Bra Strap Capital

There’s a term used in a lot of start-up circles called “Boot Strap Capital.” It means that folks hustle the money they need to grow their company from the company itself; not from investors or loans. I don’t really wear boots with straps so I like to call my method “Bra Strap Capital.”

I have a lot of dreams for Fat Kid Dance Party! I want to develop a web-based subscription service with lots of videos where I take you through different types of movement genres. Sometimes as a teacher and sometimes as a student taking a class along with you. I dream to franchise FKDP and have teachers all over the world creating community.

Right now, teaching aerobics classes doesn’t pay to support me so I can’t devote my full time to growing it. I need to fund the growth of FKDP and pay rent and expenses.

If you find value in what I do, my daily live videos on Facebook, my instagram motivation or just love that FKDP exists and want to see it move forward in the world, please be encouraged to donate!

Support me monthly at any level on my Patreon page, even 2 a month makes a difference for sustainability (and directly funds marketing)!

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Send a care package, a check, or a love note to:

Fat Kid Dance Party LLC, PO Box 41924 Los Angeles, CA 90041

Time is also a resource! If you have skills you can offer to help amplify the brand please send me an email FatKidDanceParty at Gmail! (All the graphic design you see? Donated by GenuineValentine!)


Thank you!

It is a joy to do this healing work and to create a new fitness paradigm that does profit off people needing to change their bodies to love movement! I am so grateful for your support!