Hello Beloveds

Hello Beloveds:

I want to start off by saying I love you, care so much about our community, and appreciate all of the care, support, and trust that you all have offered me and Fat Kid Dance Party these past two years.

Some of you may have heard about the disappointing and harmful chain of events that happened at the Fat Mermaid Merfolks Sea Creatures Creation Camp Retreat I hosted March 28th-April 1st.

Most likely, what you heard was true. I fucked up. I made a series of mistakes that caused a lot of hurt and harm in the people I was striving to love and support.

I'm working with an awesome coach who is helping me with an accountability plan and to help understand where I went wrong and how I can do better. If you were at the retreat and wrote to tell me about the impacts of my behavior or our time together, thank you so much. I recognize that your calling me in is a gift. I’m grateful for the generosity of your emotional labor, your courage, your dignity, and your self love. Your hurt and rage is valid. You absolutely deserve better than what you experienced.

I care about you, our community, and I want to do better. I’m committed to doing better, and as you continue to process your experiences and needs, I welcome all continued feedback.

For the foreseeable future I will not be teaching at the Plus Bus Boutique, as they are in solidarity with the people who were harmed by the retreat. While I love the Plus Bus Boutique more than I can acknowledge, I understand and respect their choice. The people hurt by my mistakes deserve solidarity, solace, support and space. I hope that our relationship can reconvene with time, healing, and the process of restoration.

I do want to honor my commitments to my LA Regulars and my Patreon subscribers so I'll be teaching in Elysian Park. Sign-up for class for directions to where we meet in the park.

I will share more  soon about lessons I’ve learned, am learning, and my process with accountability. I want to have transparency with this process because you all, who’ve shared and invested so lovingly in me, deserve to know the depth of my commitment to our community, to self-love, and to the process of liberation and healing.