Body Love Yoga Streaming Online

To my audience of Kindred Spirits: Anyone I refer you to, especially a movement professional, is someone I know who does the work and is open deepening their ability to serve all bodies. Someone I trust to deliver genuine body liberation.
The moment I knew Anna Chapman was a person solidly in this movement, she said her body love is a journey and that's the lens she shares her practice from. This is why she is a great person to bring you through your body love journey. And why she's a great yoga instructor.
Nov 1-30th four weeks of yoga classes taught by this babe and so many bonus resources. Use my code QUEERFATFEMME10 to gain access for $19.

Code has been extended to the end of November! I make an affiliate commission on each promo code and if I get 100 sign ups I can buy the BOSS microphone I want to level up Fat Kid Dance Party. The headset is really part of my brand aesthetic and I have been wanting to get one for tour and home video use!